Walk, Run, Live Together! | Eric+Lydia | Melbourne Prewedding

After long time break, here we present our latest gallery from glorious couple, Eric+Lydia.

Introduced by our client, Hansen+Dian, Eric+Lydia really wanted to go to an exotic place for their prewedding, such as Great Ocean Road. We can say, it was half day prewedding, due to long trip to Great Ocean Road. We started in the morning and went to common spot for photo shoot, such as city hall, garden, and sorrounding area, what I was trying to do that give them warming up session, surprisingly they did it well 🙂

Eric+Lydia love to travel, a lot, Eric told me that he loved to drive and he had so many long trip alone with car, sometimes more than 6 hours drive. After this photo session, Lydia went to US for 2 weeks for travelling. Based on that, I name this gallery “Walk, Run, Live Together!”

Make up by Dessy Christina for Dessy Makeup Artist

Hope you love the photos!

Clement Bernardo Halim

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