The Wedding of Ian+Dora @ Marriott Hotel, Jakarta

It is an honour when you know someone who lives overseas and watch your works and hire you for their big day.

It happened to me, special thanks to Ian+Dora who trusted their wedding pictures to us. At initial meeting, I never knew that both of them works for Singapore Airlines, actually Dora told only Ian worked for the airlines. Like a classic story in a movie, they met in a same flight, then it would be their first and last same flight until now. Two days before the wedding, Dora told me that she also worked for SQ by showing her uniform to me :p Recently, I have clients who work for SQ, interesting, this time a pilot too!

The humble reception was held in Saphire Room, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. After the reception in Jakarta, they had wedding reception also in Singapore. Dora invited us to go there, but we had wedding next day.

Check also their wedding video here : Love Crush In Flight! Ian+Dora

Bernardo Halim

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