The Wedding ofChristophe+Fiena by BernardoBali

Christophe+Fiena, we met this couple only two months before their wedding. First, Fiena sent me an email and asked my availability to shoot. Her wedding day was just one week before my wedding :p Later I found out that Fiena is from Lampung and somehow has same mutual friends with most of previous clients in Lampung.

For Fiena, Christophe is a romantic guy, even he is busy with his iPad and newspaper, he can cook and he knows what is the best for Fiena. Both are quite busy with their work, so weekend is the day they can ultimately spend together.

Like other typical wedding in Bali, we started not so early in the morning. All events, except holy matrimony, are held in Intercontinental Bali. There was our first time and we loved the sandy beach and surprised how big the hotel complex was. The sun was so bright that time, we could see Christophe fought to remove sweat all day.

We anticipated the low lighting condition with bring additional few portable lighting, don’t take Bali wedding as easy job, always anticipate the lighting condition in outdoor area.

Here are few images that we captured during their wedding, thank you once again Christophe+Fiena, congratulations for your wedding.

Thanks also for crazy bridesmaid, without you, all silly things couldn’t be happened.

Bernardo Halim

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