i never knew before that they are so much fun in front of camera, effortless
it wasn’t the real prewedding that I get used to shoot, it is just simply portrait session for me
why different? no fancy gown, no beautiful props, just a blackboard, tandem bike and two dogs that passed by

what was the best? even we had reflexology session in lunch for 1,5 hours. all is happy!

an honor for us to meet Sandi+Tasya, will be there for their wedding next month.

sandi+tasya didn’t want their photos to be cheesy kinda thing, so this is i must carefully think about.
the special request was blackboard with medical illustration (eye and human body)

so i asked my friend Annzo who is specialised in illustration, check his works here Annzo Studio
it was amazing!

tasya’s mom is a photographer too with big lenses, cool! hello tante Ina! hope you happy with the photos

Make up by my lovely wife Dessy Christina for Dessy Makeup Artist

Bernardo Halim


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