Tasya+Sandi – Day 01 – Siraman

This experience is different from other traditional wedding couple that I have photographed before, because they let me to capture their portrait session. Previous portrait session brought me further in terms knowing them better and make sure what kind of photos they wanted.

For us, the pressure was unbelievable, not because they stress us they wanted good photos, “you can’t miss the moments, Ber!!”, not something like that. Because they are really kind to us, when we went for a meeting, we always had good time, even good meal and good coffee. We could spend hours in table discussing their wedding and upcoming excitement for the big day.

And it is an honor to know that Tasya’s mom, Tante Ina is a photographer too. An honor because we are trusted by a photographer. We went to same course, Canon School. By the time Tante Ina read this, she is probably already in Tibet for photo hunting.

Sandi+Tasya is a couple that may photographer dreamt of, they are unique, full of smile, and their excitement is contagious.

Tasya is a perfect example of urban teenage, even she is a doctor, she shops, she wears H&M latest collection, she travels around the world and has urban taste. She would do everything to make sure she gets the photos, even when it was delayed by courier agent, she made me awake to double check it.

Sandi, being as an ophthalmologist, doesn’t mean he keeps an eye of everything in wedding, he trusts us 😉 Sandi is source of everything, we can talk for hours. We see Sandi as a calm personality, and we might think that Sandi may get bullied by Tasya haha.

Traditional wedding is identical with lot of photos, do no hurry, please enjoy each frame. Their wedding is common traditional wedding, while first day for Pengajian and Siraman, and second day for Akad Nikah and Reception.

For your information, this wedding is a mix of Padang and Java culture, surely had a blast with all the details for two days.

Thank you Tasya+Sandi and your big family, your warm response had left great memory for us.

Clement Bernardo Halim

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