As artists, we crave inspiration and fresh perspectives. That’s why we love working with clients who have their own unique ideas and concepts. But it’s not just about having a wild imagination. It takes effort and dedication to turn those ideas into reality.

That’s where Arya and Putri excelled, but imagination is only imagination without real efforts. They came to us with a clear and well-thought-out concept, they put it effort, making it a pleasure for our team to bring their vision to life through photography and video.

It’s a privilege to work with clients like them, and we can’t wait to see what exciting projects they come up with next.

Been few times in this building, but this time was different idea.

Thanks to helpful @pranatacara
Makeup @sidiyanti
Props by @rustyproject
🥐🍌🍇🍊🍎 by @ranchmarket99id

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