Melbourne Prewedding | Amran+Olivia

Back at Melbourne! Melbourne reminds me of good food and good food. Good food means good mood :p

Thank you for Amran+Olivia, Tessa+Velix and Karin for made the prewedding session in Melbourne so exciting! Despite of unpredictable weather, we still managed to get some beautiful photos. I have to salute my client, for climbed up the fences to get into the field with hay rolls. Is that true the owner might shoot us down?

Every morning I had worried about the weather, cloudy sky didn’t impress me. Luckily my couple is really easy-going about everything, smooth conversation and united by the same mission to hunt for good food.

I am so sorry for made you run in beach over and over again, climbed up the fences, tried to push the hay rolls, and stood still in the middle of strong winds. Once again, for the good of pictures.

At the end of second day, we spent night long chat in dinner and enjoyed snow mango as desert :p

Thank you Verra Joh for helping out with make up.

Thank you Tessa+Velix for kind hospitality. Btw, should try to go her restaurant Famili Ria Indonesian Restaurant ! Amran+Olivia, see you at the wedding!

Bernardo Halim

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