After a two-year hiatus from shooting weddings abroad, we were thrilled to be back in Singapore to capture the magical moments of Matthew and Abigail’s wedding. Their love for each other was reflected in every gesture and intimate eye contact we captured, without the need for flashy props or complicated poses.

Despite our efforts to go above and beyond, they were content with our modest approach. We learned that, no matter how skilled a photographer is, it’s crucial to communicate and collaborate with the couple to achieve their desired images.

The reception was a photographer’s playground, with heartwarming moments of unbridled joy and candid smiles. The speeches were filled with beautiful memories shared by their loved ones.

The stunning Fullerton By The Bay provided us with an iconic backdrop for our shots of Singapore, with its beautiful decor by Mirage Flowers adding to the overall charm of the venue.

Thank you Matthew+Abigail for the opportunity to photograph your wedding.

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