“Henry+Retha” Friendship Story

Hi guys, I assure you, getting married is not an easy thing, seriously. I’m sorry for long break in this blog, do my best to keep it updated.

Finally, I made it to publish this post, good friends of mine and other many friends. They are Henry+Retha. I have known them since high school, maybe around 2004/2005, forgot the exact time. I have noticed they were already in relationship, because I always see them together.

Believe it or not, they have dated since 20 January 2003, it is a loooooooong journey. For that long, I think in daily life, it more likely considered as a friend, a very best friend in life.

They knew each other in junior high school, for 3 years they stayed in same class together. Henry felt that he had a crush with this girl, Retha. At the end of junior high school, he convinced himself to ask her go for a date, Retha said yes. The story continuous in senior high school, college life, working, until now. In junior high school, I always saw them together, in a basket team or in school music and sports event. In college, they were in one group for thesis, same college. Until now, they are working in same complex, WTC Sudirman, Jakarta. Even, they also work in same wedding organiser! If God doesn’t allow this, this won’t happen.

In daily life, they still look alike teenager, Retha still loves collecting her Hello Kitty and Tokidoki stuff, even they decorate their home with Hello Kitty!! Can you imagine how their prewedding pictures will be?

Henry feels so grateful for choosing Retha as his bestfriend, for him, Retha is fulfilled with so much spirit and energy, he thinks Retha is his Fortuna, many good things happen for them. But still, Henry loves her, even she loves to fart :p

8 June 2013 will be their new stage of life, please join us to congratulate them and wish them a happy and blessed marriage.

Bernardo Halim

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