Day 3 - ReceptionFebby + DhanuHotel Bidakara Jakarta, Indonesia

This is the final third day of Febby+Dhanu traditional wedding at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta. The reception decoration is bold with gold. red and purple accent. The decorator is from Rumah Kampung. At the morning, Adi Adrian put his magic touch to Febby meanwhile the final touch is done by traditional make up artist…

The reception starts with traditional entrance procession of Febby+Dhanu and whole family along with the traditional dance. Basically the third day is a simple party for them, they greet the guests and invite them to enjoy the dinner, it is a humble celebration.

Thank you Febby+Dhanu for welcome our team, glad we can be part of your beautiful wedding.

Make up : Adi Adrian
Decor : Rumah Kampung
Lighting : Lightworks
WO : Lins Signature
Catering : Akasya

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