Prewedding ofFabio+MoonDenver, Colorado

Fabio+Moon! I was introduced by Artea WO to this humble couple. Initially they booked me for wedding only in Bandung this 9th May, 2015. They seem can’t resist willingness to have their prewedding session on wedding checklist, in fact they live in beautiful surrounding in Denver, Colorado, not to mention there is Aspen mountain.

Moon is from Malaysia, she works in social service for government and her background is psychology, while Fabio works for Herts car hire in Denver. I must admit that I envy Fabio, he doesn’t fill up his car gas for years because he can choose whatever car he wants to drive home and the gas is free from office :O

The craziness was begun shortly after they decided to fly me to Denver. As we can see nowadays, wedding trends in Indonesia is different than US, Moon had difficulty to find the dress for her, she preferred simple and avoid too much volume. The idea to bring dress from here was quite risky because she didn’t have chance to do fitting. We appreciate all their effort to get the things done.

It was a really long flight from Jakarta, after touched down at LA, I had to take 2 hours domestic flight to Denver, with small plane. I even couldn’t put my camera bag in cabin. My long flight was paid off when I arrived at Denver, the smile and energetic feeling from them and how beautiful Aspen covered with snow. The altitude changes was terrible, my body couldn’t take significant changes at sudden. FYI, Denver is on 5280 feet from sea level, while Aspen is on 8000 feet from sea level.

Every good photos need sacrifice, one day before we went to the mountain, there was heavy snow rain on nite, it blocked the only access to most popular point in Aspen, we couldn’t reach the spot. But we didn’t regret it too much, a lot of beautiful spot surrounding, we forgot how cold it was because the excitement. Back to city of Denver, we skipped one day due to heavy snow rain. Thank you Fabio+Moon for great hospitality, one thing that for sure I remember that they eat a lot than me!

Can’t wait for 9th May, 2015!

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