Deswin+Vera The Wedding @ Intercontinental Hotel

I don’t think I trust my sight anymore, I never taught this couple would be so wacky in their wedding. The better you know them, you will know how wacky they are. The first time I met Vera, she told me that her fiance is in US and they were preparing their dream wedding. Vera is full of laugh and happy things, you will enjoy spend time to chat with her.

The wedding day itself was truly their celebration for friends, families and relatives. You can see later below that Vera’s father and uncle joined the dance floor and drunk. It was a rare view in common wedding here. Deswin often threw ¬†jokes also, he really knew how to make things merrier.

Full of surprises? Yes, they were. They did high-five in wedding vow, danced in dinner entrance, they broke the stage decor and they made the crowd wilder.

Aha! The best part was outdoor matrimony, love it so much!

Congratulation Deswin+Vera

Make up by Adi Adrian
Wedding Organizer by Signature Wedding

Bernardo Halim

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