Belitung Destination Prewedding | Reza+Christine

Reza is big tattooed-guy, tall and has latest haircut, but I know Reza had hard time to pose in front of camera. Christine enjoyed most of the photo shoot and without too much effort she stroke a pose, natural smile is all we need. That is the brief description of our couple Reza+Christine.

Belitung was great destination and was their first choice for prewedding. Belitung had friendly weather at that time and mostly we had sunny weather. Only the last day in sunset period, we had many black clouds in sky, but it was okay, all of scenes were covered. Pretty much that I want to say with pictures that Indonesia still has best spots for domestic prewedding, in this pre wedding, I saw really wide blue sky and blue ocean, once I thought “Damn, rare view, it would be easier if every prewedding has this kind of scenery.”

Not really, sunshine made us fight with sweat and we had to take a break in afternoon.

Do you love to eat? Oh come on, you have to admit it at least everyone loves to eat good food. That what was happening in Belitung, 3 days in a row, we enjoyed all seafood kind of meals and cholesterol threat! Photo session without culinary session is a pity.

Their wedding is in September, so this is good time to publish their prewedding. Enjoy all photos, we love Belitung, definitely wanna go back.

Bernardo Halim


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