Recently, we have been meeting couples who have dating for more 10 years, that is definitely a journey worth to be remember. One of them is Wandhi+Iris, who are going to celebrate their victory “wedding” at 7th June, 2014 in Chakra Chapel and Lounge. Wandhi+Iris wanted a different theme from their 1st session, they wanted urban and rustic feel, unusual from my other couple, so we decided to go to wreckage depot.

We talked and laughed along the photo session, what I was trying to do in every photo session that couple need to enliven their memory and reasons why they have made it so far, in good and bad times, in up and down. The thing that I do, hopefully will bring natural expression comes out, no one can’t lie from eyes.

Sometimes when they tell their stories, they can’t hold their emotions and we can happy tears go down, it happened to Wandhi+Iris. Thank you Iris+Wandhi for sharing your stories to us.

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