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The Prewedding ofStephen+Febri by BernardoLembongan, Bali

Stephen+Febri by Bernardo
If you happen to know Stephen (Baim) + Febri, you should know they are game and mood changer when it relates to party and going out. Febri loves to be in spotlight and soon to be doctor, she owns few online shop from medical scrubs to ladies fashion clothes, while Baim runs his family business as motorbike distributor in Jakarta. To be honest, doing prewedding photos[...]

Prewedding ofNicky+Natalia by TeamBali

Nicky+Natalia by Team
Our client, Nicky+Natalia, believe it or not, has an incredible story. Initially, they wanted to do the prewedding in Sydney, but it didn’t go so well. The photographer in Sydney got heart surgery and needed recovery time, they told us about that and they decided to hire our service for plan B as their photographer. The photographer’s recovery was fast and they told t[...]