The Wedding ofSam+Milkha by TeamFairmont Hotel, Jakarta

Sam+Milkha The Wedding

The bride wants to say something :

We’ve been together for 1.5 years our favorite thing to do is to stay at home watching movies and we love good coffee so we are always on the look out for good coffees. We love dogs and now we are trying to figure out what furry friends to adopt once we live in Germany. When we are apart we facetime each other till we fall asleep and the next day we facetime again.

Sam is a cardiologist and Milkha is kind of happy go lucky girl, Milkha said they were unlikely “the couple”. Sam is super serious while Milkha is crazier than Sam. But hey, it what makes world goes around, right?


Make up by @priscillamyrna
Gown by @yeftagunawan
WO by @oneheartweddingjakarta
Venue @fairmontjakarta
Entertainment @allstarmusicentertainment
Cake by @lenovellecake
Decor by parcdeayodya

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