The Wedding ofDania Soedarjo + Ponti PaagoMulia Hotel, Jakarta

“He’s open and honest about everything—his background, family, work, even his issues. He basically didn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. His straightforwardness is one of the reasons why I fell for him in the first place,” said Dania.

Within 5 months of dating, Ponti knew he had found himself a wife. Dania was caught off guard when Ponti popped the question right on his birthday, November 25th, when she thought it would have been on hers, December 5th. Dania went to surprise Ponti at 1 am with a cake and balloons, and ended up with a fiancé shortly afterwards.

Their wedding at The Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, was the perfect, all-in situation that we thrive on. And Dania’s father got to walk her down the aisle, which was one of the most important parts of the entire wedding for both of them.

Who would have thought a regular night out with a couple of friends could turn out to mark the beginning of the rest of Dania and Ponti’s lives? Nothing is ever a coincidence, indeed. Say “yes” more. Take your chances. Introduce your friend to your ex’s cousin. You will never know. Maybe they will end up as acquaintances, or in Dania and Ponti’s case, soul mates.


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