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Day 1Troy+ZeeSiraman & Mapacci

The Fast-Pace Love Story Troy & Zee... Troy & Zee have been together for 6 months until they decided to tied the knot. They've known each other from their circle of friends. One day, Zee challenged Troy to proposed her in front of Zee's mother and Troy suddenly popped the question. What a surprise! After that, they prepared their wedding within 4 months and [...]

Day 3 - ReceptionFebby + DhanuHotel Bidakara Jakarta, Indonesia

Febby + Dhanu
This is the final third day of Febby+Dhanu traditional wedding at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta. The reception decoration is bold with gold. red and purple accent. The decorator is from Rumah Kampung. At the morning, Adi Adrian put his magic touch to Febby meanwhile the final touch is done by traditional make up artist… The reception starts with traditional entrance proc[...]

Day 1 - MapacciFebby + DhanuMakassar Traditional Ceremony

Febby + Dhanu
Upacara Adat yang harus dilakukan dan merupakan rangkaian perayaan pernikahan Bugis Makassar yaitu Upacara Adat "Mappacci”. Acara ini sarat dengan simbol yang mempunyai makna yang berbeda-beda, yaitu makna akan menjaga keutuhan keluarga dan memelihara kasih sayang dalam rumah tangga. “Mappacci” berasal dari kata “Pacci”, yaitu daun yang dihaluskan untuk penghias kuku[...]

The Wedding of Danisha+Dwi

The Wedding of Danisha+Dwi
Glad we had traditional wedding of this opening year in 2014. Some of the photos were material for their same day edit photo in wedding, 12th January, 2014. Make sure you stay tune for photo update in reception party :D currently processsing. Thank you Danisha+Dwi for the opportunity, happy honeymoon! WO : United Wedding Organiser Regards, @bernardopictur[...]

Tasya+Sandi – Day 2 – Akad Nikah+Resepsi

Tasya+Sandi - Day 2 - Akad Nikah+Resepsi
This is the last post of Tasya+Sandi wedding, these from their akad nikah (matrimony) and reception. You may find it interesting the combination of Padang and Jawa (Java). Akad nikah is held in Javanese traditional procession while their reception had Padangnese decoration. Traditional wedding shows us the wedding is not about 2 persons, but 2 families.