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The Wedding ofSam+Milkha by TeamFairmont Hotel, Jakarta

Sam+Milkha by Team
Sam+Milkha The Wedding The bride wants to say something : We've been together for 1.5 years our favorite thing to do is to stay at home watching movies and we love good coffee so we are always on the look out for good coffees. We love dogs and now we are trying to figure out what furry friends to adopt once we live in Germany. When we are apart we facetime each ot[...]

Summer Journey ofAlfred+Mega by BernardoTokyo

Alfred+Mega by Bernardo
These are complete photos from Alfred+Mega last summer engagement in Tokyo, in total for 2 days, we walked over than 57.000 steps or equal to 35 km. We went through hills, parks, streets and ocean of buildings. That time was a period of hot weather, second day hit 36 degrees Celsius, but it didn’t torn us down. We promise prewedding will be an adventure of your own[...]

Play Time ofDaniel+Yunita by TeamSingapore

Daniel+Yunita by Team
Daniel+Yunita is a type of client that you wish to work with. Funny, spontaneous, easy going and full of laugh, we can't complain at all. 2 days prewedding wasn't dull at all, there were always stories to share. Yunita spent her few years back in Singapore as a college student and decided to back this time. Singapore was crazy hot last June, even at 5am were sweat[...]