“Best Friend” Kevin+Felicia Prewedding

Introduced by my former client, Ely+Linda, to this awesome couple! Kevin+Feli is a good example of how young people fall in love nowadays, travelling far from hometown, they decide to reside in Jakarta.

Kevin is from Palu but he went to school in Bali, then he met this sweet lady, Chrysant. Chrysant chose Jakarta for her university program and Kevin chose Bandung. Whenever they have time to spend with together, Kevin goes back to Jakarta. Phew, quite a journey we think 😀

We are seeing them as a best friend, they spend a lot together far from hometown, they share everything, difficult times and for sure happy times.

For their prewedding, we chose Bali, however, the weather wasn’t friendly at that time, we had rain in first and second day. Apart from that, they showed great cooperation and put a lot of smile.

Thank you Kevin+Chrysant for this great opportunity, see you at your wedding!

Clement Bernardo Halim

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